There are different kinds of relish used in everyday Tamil cuisine and tomato thokku is one of my favorites. A simple South Indian style Tomato Pickle with overwhelming & intriguing notes of tastes. Crispy Cinnamon Crackle Cookies | Cookies and Cups; Barracuda Beach Resort – Beautiful Beach Resorts in Lagos. I was searching for Thakkali Thokku - Brahmin style. 11. Preparation time: 15 min | Cook Time: 35 min | Yields: 350gms. tomato thokku can be easily preserved for days as it has a long shelf life when refrigerated. 0 Share. About Me!! Search. Try this and let me know your comments. It is prepared by sauteing the tomatoes along with spices, until they shrink and ooze oil. Subscribe . I was not satisfied with the search results, so I decided to ask my Patti for the original style. Aug 7, 2015 - thakkali thokku recipe - Brahmin style tomato thokku Aug 12, 2015 - thakkali thokku recipe - Brahmin style tomato thokku Search for a recipe. Ingredients . This Spicy Tomato thokku recipe can be easily stored in refrigerator for 2 … Thakkali Thokku | Tomato Pickle. I would more or less say that it plays its role to its best as a Chutney & a Pickle bringing best of its character. Thakkali/Tomato Thokku goes well with Idli, Dosa, Chapati and is a great combination when paired up with Curd Rice. a tangy spicy condiment which can be served as a pickle. Jump to the blog. A traditional Palakkad Iyer preparation that uses tomatoes is a Thakkali Thokku. Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian . Thakkali sadam | south indian style tomato rice is a recipe without onion garlic, recently i tasted in one of the friend’s house during a navaratri brunch. Recipe for thakkali thokku – tomato thokku. UPDATE (May 3, 2020): Since posting this recipe, OPOS rules have evolved a lot. Ingredients 0 / 11 ingredients. I have a post already with Thakkali Thokku with different preparation style. Recipe with step by step pictures. thakkali thokku brahmin style. Tomato thokku or thakkali thokku is a spicy South Indian (mainly Tamilian) style tomato pickle that is quite popular in Tamil nadu. 2; Cooking time 35 min; Complexity level Intermediate; Rating No ratings yet; Print Recipe. Aug 7, 2015 - thakkali thokku recipe - Brahmin style tomato thokku Thakkali Thokku (Quick Tomato Pickle) This is a quick recipe and can be used to make a normal lunch into extra special and tasty, try this and comment on my blog for its taste. Jul 4, 2015 - Tasty Appetite: Thakkali Thokku / Tomato Chutney / Easy Thokku Recipes: Thakkali thokku or Tomato Pickle is an excellent way to use up soft or slightly over ripe tomatoes. The word ' Kurma/ Korma' make one's mouth, water. Jan 8, 2019 - Sharing simple and delish recipes with step by step method to make cooking easy. Recipes are vegetarian, vegan and baking goodies from India and other global cuisines. This spicy pickle works great with idli, dosa and roti’s apart from its best accompaniment, curd rice.Just a synopsis of the way I use up the tomatoes. Thakkali is the Tamil/ Malayalam word for tomatoes and “thokku” is a word that describes a spicy cooked pickle that resembles chutney. Some thokku recipes to try…. If you have been to Pollachi ,Coimbatore or even Madurai you will find the restaurants serving a tomato gravy along with Idlis/Dosas. Tomato Thokku | Thakkali Thokku Recipe | Tomato Pickle Recipe. It is very piquant in taste and goes very well for idli, dosa and chapati. Recent Posts. You have all the ingredients, let's start cooking! tomato thokku recipe | thakkali thokku recipe | spicy tomato pickle recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. Posted on May 19, 2019 Category: Pickles. We instantly visualise a rich creamy gravy .There are so many interesting dishes from Kongunadu, in Tamilnadu. Thakkali Kai Kootu is a South Indian delicacy made with raw/green tomatoes/thakkali kai along with dal and fresh ground coconut paste. Tomato thokku can be made in a completely ground or coarse paste form. Thakkali Kai kootu Recipe Prep time – under 15 min Cook time – under 15 min Serves -4. So i noted down the recipe of thakkali sadam and tried it home the very next day. Nov 8, 2015 - thakkali thokku recipe - Brahmin style tomato thokku Few more similar recipes for you! I cannot strictly use the term OPOS® for this post since I have cooked the thokku again (after pressure cooking) towards the … Search A Recipe. This recipe is a typical Brahmin style one with no onions or garlic. Hooray! How to make Thakkali Thokku. Tomato/Thakkali Thokku is a spicy, tangy andra style tomato-based pickle or chutney recipe which can be used as side dish for steamed rice, idli ,dosa and even for roti and chapathi.Tomato Thokku is typically prepared with ripened and juicy tomatoes on Stove top pan or instant pot pressure cooker. Brahmin; Pickles & Side Dishes; South Indian; Vegan; Uma Sankar; January 6, 2020; 11 ingredients; Add to favorites. One of them being very strict about using open pot cooking. Email Address . The shelf like of thokku depends on the amount of moisture. If you want to serve for a long time, just add some more oil in the recipe. It is popularly known as the ' It is a very simple, healthy, spicy and tangy kootu that can be prepared as side dish and served with white rice or rotis. It’s served on the side with rice, and is good to serve also with dosas. This is a spicy and delicious thokku and can be stored for up to a month. Easy Thakkali Thokku ( South Indian Tomato Pickle) Easy Thakkali Thokku ( South Indian Tomato Pickle) by DK on Sep 10, 2016 . Camembert-Stuffed Sausage Balls Recipe |; Emirates launches daily Dubai flights from Moscow Domodedovo Airport – Worldtourism Wire Read More… Let’s Connect. Kothamalli Thokku; PUDINA THOKKU ; Vengaya Thokku ; Easy tomato thokku ; Tomato Thokku (Tomato Pickle) Tomato Thokku(Andhra style) Thakkali Thokku Tomato Thokku I usually collect recipes from old magazines -especially Aval Vikatan Samayal Kuripugal.I happened to have this old pdf file from “30 Vagai Thakkali Samayal” by Mrs. Revathy Shunmugam … This homemade tomato thokku is much better and healthier than the store brought ones. Tomato Thokku . Ingredients needed Raw tomatoes or green tomatoes – 1/2 kg (500 grams) Tur dal – 1/3 cup Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp Salt as required Fry and grind. Click to follow my blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mango pickle; Amla pickle; Tomato chutney; Tomato pachadi; If you made this recipe, please be sure to rate it in the recipe card below. I make another version with onion and garlic, which I will post later. Thakkali Thokku. Primary Sidebar. This thakkali thokku is a very versatile condiment. Get Recipes to your inbox. I first thought this as puliyodarai and then she told it is tomato rice. Hi, I am Vidya Srinivasan. Thakkali Thokku can be categorized into Chutney or into Pickle. Ripe tomatoes – 1 kg . Thakkali thokku can be stored in the refrigerator for nearly 2 to 3 weeks time. It can be served with any South Indian tiffin items, rice, chapathi or as a spread. Just In. There are three different things that I do every year with the tomatoes.1. Thanks for visiting my page. Thanksgiving Recipe Livestream with Sohla El-Waylly Just In. Perfect recipe that stays fresh for long travels. Prepare this during a tomato and restore it in fridge , it may last to weeks, add this in rice or keep as a side dish for rasam or curd rice...tasty tasty food ready. I am a traditionalist when it comes to cooking but I love adding modern twists.

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