7 of the Best Strat Wiring Mods Around In pursuit of the holy grail of Strat tone. I wrote a tutorial on this a while ago. I actually suggest purposely seeking out the cheapest knobs possible because as crazy as this sounds, those have a better chance of fitting correct. Mod Garage: The Bill Lawrence 5-way Telecaster Circuit Get convincing “in-between” Strat sounds from Teles and other two-pickup guitars. The Gilmour Mod. Replacing with a 3-ply white-black-white is simple. The Squier Mini Strat is primarily a beginner electric guitar, sometimes refereed to as a kid's or youth guitar. I also learned that Squier 51 mods are fairly common – the low price, high quality, and hip look of the stock guitar apparently inspires lots of folks to buy one just to trick it out. Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85250-2618 Phone: 480-596-9690 Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. In addition, the headstock holes are smaller than standard Fender Stratocaster tuners. Transform Your Strat Into A Blues Monster! I bought this for an upgrade to a Squier Classic Vibe HSS Strat. Pickup Wiring Mod for my Squier CV '60s Strat After giving it a bit of thought, I've decided to try a slightly different variation on a pickup wiring mod I've done before on S-S-S guitars like "original style" Strats or Nashville Teles. The only part you have to be careful of is to try your best not to sand off the Squier logo. Then you will know for sure. A lot of players accomplish this same goal with something called a treble bleed circuit, but I didn't want to add more complexity to the circuit.Many thanks to Greg at Metro Guitar in Arlington, Virginia, for the parts and great service over the years. See the video for more of an explanation. 81 The Bullet only uses the absolute minimum shielding necessary to reduce single-coil hum. The Bullet has plenty of room under the pick guard to throw in pretty much any replacement pickup you want and rewire the whole thing if you like. Strat style guitar wiring diagram with three single coils, 5-way lever switch, 1 volume, 2 tones. From my experience, any set of regular Strat saddles will fit the Bullet. All my amps and pedals. Squier Mustang HH. Electronics replacement. Guitar Chiba is taking over the channel for a video on some neat mods you can make to a Strat like this 1998 Fender American Deluxe.From 1954 to 1976, Fender Stratocaster guitars came with a simple three-position pickup selector switch, allowing the player to use one pickup per position. Keep in mind, however, that the negative generalisations that plague Squier's reputation tend to come from less experienced gear heads who are fixated with brand and image over pure playability and tone - both very subjective things. The Jazzmaster’s rhythm circuit is very much maligned and misunderstood. You can even get roller saddles on the cheap these days (this does help keep the guitar in tune a little better. Guitars with one humbucker and two single coils always seem to be a compromise. You can transfer most of this mods to any similar guitar -- eg. For years, the Squier Bullet Strat has been the go-to entry-level axe for modders. I also upgraded the pickups to Fendex Tex Mex single coils in the middle and neck as well as a Shawbucker 1 in the bridge. Back in 2011, Fender Custom Shop released a David Gilmour model that used his 7-way wiring and a recessed mini switch positioned between the Volume and Tone controls of the guitar. Wilkinson 52.5mm (2-1/16 inch) Vintage Style Full Block ST Guitar Tremolo Bridge Pop-In Arm 6 Screws for Squier/Mexico Fender Strat, Chrome 4.5 out of 5 stars 62 $23.81 $ 23 . So, when I stumbled across the chance to pick up a Squier ’51 after Thanksgiving for $179 online, I decided to pick one up. Burl Top Squier Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Mod Classic Vibe Wiring: Condition: Used. Learn more about Fender electric basses. wiring diagrams for your specific instrument, visit our customer service website at www.mrgearhead.com. It varies a bit from an actual Tele as it has a bridge HB and lacks the Tele bridge plate. This is done using brown shoe polish. The Bullet is thinner than a standard Strat is. Wiring in a tone control for the bridge-only pickup setting. Details about Burl Top Squier Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Mod Classic Vibe Wiring See original listing. To permanently keep the color you have to lightly sand off the urethane, then stain, then apply a clear sealant. The world's largest selection of free guitar wiring diagrams. A tuner upgrade of any kind will most likely require cutting away wood and drilling new holes. Humbucker, Strat, Tele, Bass and more! The HSS (which stands for humbucker-single-single) pickup configuration gained popularity in the 80s, much like everyone’s favorite haircut, the mullet. From 1954 to 1976, Fender Stratocaster guitars … Learn more about Fender electric basses. Wiring Potentiometers. I decided to divide this series into three chapters: Stratocaster, Telecaster and Les Paul type guitars. Article by Byron Hori Ended: Aug 27, 2020. )Because I don't like (or use) the 2 and 4 positions, I decided to swap out my five-position switch for a three-position one, but wired up like a Tele so I could get the neck and bridge pickups on together. It is okay to put the decal over the sealant as Fender themselves did that at one point for years (and maybe still does?). The Bullet has a 1-ply white pick guard. I've talked about Strat mods before but I figured it was time to talk about mods for this very specific guitar. Easy to do. The Squier Bullet Strat seen above, while cheap, is the best low-cost traditional Strat you can buy. "Barely there" pick guard shielding. All ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics are super easy to install, and allow for solder-less pickup changes with ObsidianWire Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors. Replacing the tuner buttons. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Differently sized potentiometer posts. To me, this Strat before I did the mods was a better guitar to play than my Classic Vibe Tele. Guitar Chiba is taking over the channel for a video on some neat mods you can make to a Strat like this 1998 Fender American Deluxe. Tighten up your neck. In the article’s comments thread , several savvy readers also mention Strat wiring systems that provide the sounds of the Nashville mod … Now they've got a new Bullet Tele model, $115 out the door. The newly-redesigned Bullet Strat is ideal for first-timer players looking for an easy-to-play, affordable electric guitar. ), This is the easiest guitar to play with your fingers, For the guy who can't decide between a Strat and a Tele - Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, Help with guitar setup (it's more than just adjustments), Nickel plated vs pure nickel guitar strings, Three things I've learned from driving around DFW. (Opinions vary, but certainly by the advent of the American Standard series in the mid-1980s, this was standard practice for Fender. Please Note: This guitar wiring diagram is property of GuitarElectronics.com Inc. There are many mods out there, and in my 15+ years working with guitar electronics I have pretty much seen them all, and even created a few of my own too. Staining the front of the headstock. This is a doable but not easy upgrade. If you want that really nice browner color, you will have to sand the headstock completely including the logo, stain and seal. I believe this build would have better wiring, pickups, nut, and tuners than that guitar though. You may also contact Fender directly for this information either by mail, telephone or e-mail at: Attn: Consumer Relations Dept. Home Forums > Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum > Squier Strat Forum > Help with the Dan Armstrong Blender Mod Discussion in ' Squier Strat Forum ' … the typical Les Paul configuration (two humbuckers with two volume and two tone controls) is the same as in a … Vintage modified jaguar bass (squire) Discussion in 'Basses [BG] I would just unscrew the plate and look at the wiring. ... Strat Wiring: 2 pickups, 2... JuneauMike replied Oct 13, 2020 at 12:28 AM. There's a lot of snobbery surrounding the whole Squier Strat vs Fender Strat comparison. Originally, I wanted to start by talking about the anatomy of our new friend, the standard Stratocaster 5-way pickup selector switch, because I think it’s important to understand how this switch works in developing your own mods, and of course to really understand what we’re doing here each month. Welcome back to the world of Stratocasters. Wiring will be straightforward for anyone with basic soldering tools and skills. To reuse the original Squier pickguard, you'll need to enlarge the Lead Circuit's pot holes with a hand reamer for the slightly larger CTS pots. With the Bullet you have to stick with the trem block that it comes with. For whatever reason, people who make pick guards seem to have a really difficult time drilling screw holes that actually fit the guitar properly, so if you have to pilot a new hole or two, that's normal. Now, the Bullet Strat features a 25.5” scale, so those with smaller hands might want to try the short-scale Stratocaster, with its 24” scale, or the Mini Strat, which boasts a 22/75" scale. In my experience they're slightly wider. Mods, Mods, and More Mods. With the noiseless SCs used here, that's not necessary.I then implemented what I call the Modified Gilmour Mod, which allows me to get all three pickups on at the same time. If that's the way you want to go, just get a custom waterslide decal made to replace the one you sanded off. For as long as offset guitars have existed, people have complained that the stock 1 Meg volume and tone controls are too bright and trebly, especially with certain amp rigs. It all fit fine on the Behringer body where I first installed it, but when I moved it to a Squier, I had to modify the area near the neck joint to get it on at all, and then the switch in the spot where the Mid T would be doesn't fit. Make a cold cup of coffee, submerge the knobs for 15 seconds, take out and dry. Compare it to some wiring diagrams on the web for help. SQUIER BULLET STRAT, BULLET MINI STRAT V2 and STRAT SS. An equivalent guitar would be a Squier Classic Vibe Strat for $350-$399. If you're in the general Washington, D.C., area, look him up for all your guitar tech and modding needs. The Bullet tuner does not use a nut to hold it to the headstock but rather screws in the back. Not to launch a protracted Strat-vs.-Tele battle, but I love the whole notion of “Tele-fying” a Strat via wiring, control layout, and pickup choice. You won't be disappointed.Check out my band, 7th Grade Girl Fight, on YouTube and Bandcamp.LINKS:https://7thgradegirlfight.bandcamp.com/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSu5FwCUYdeGH0ywnQDYH9Qhttps://metroguitar.com/https://www.seymourduncan.com/ Discover the sound of Fender, the spirit of rock-n-roll since 1946. You may find it difficult to find replacement control knobs that fit right. Wiring It All Together. Sealed tuners specific to Squier. HSS Strat Wiring harness. I have done this to a number of three-pickup guitars.The final mod in this video is wiring up the tone pot 1950s Les Paul style, which works well for me because it allows the bridge humbucker to be a little brighter (better matching the single coils) and retain more highs when the tone pot is rolled off slightly. I get tons of questions and emails about Strat tone mods. Wiring in tone control to the rear (bridge) pickup. And you can modify your Strat to get the same tones! The Squier Bullet Strat seen above, while cheap, is the best low-cost traditional Strat you can buy.And like I said just recently, "traditional" means the old-style 6-screw bridge and no tone control wired to the rear (bridge) pickup. It’s easy to do. My Strat has 3 of these (the DP5T version, which is the same size) on a GuitarFetish pickguard. Also know that if all you want to do is darken the white knobs for a vintage-like slightly brown look, you can do that with a coffee stain. Players jammed all sorts of things into the switches to hack the Strat and get those \"in-between\" sounds.Starting in 1977, Strats came with a five-position switch, and it wasn't long until they also offered a reverse-wound, reverse polarity (RWRP) middle pickup to offer some semblance of hum cancelling in the 2 and 4 positions. Squier Mini Strat Facts, Mods & Odds. If you can wire in a pickup, you can do this. ObsidianWire Custom Blender for Strat® Solder-less Install Solder-less Pickup Changes Play Neck + Bridge Pickups Together Master Tone + Master Volume Control (All Three Pickups) Improved Clarity & Control Super Easy, Solder-less Install. You can find a traditional Jazzmaster wiring diagram on Rothstein's site here. The idea is to get that chimey, jangly, quack from the neck and the middle single coils and the rock and roll from the humbucker in the bridge position. And like I said just recently, "traditional" means the old-style 6-screw bridge and no tone control wired to the rear (bridge) pickup. Pick guard replacement. However, you do have to remember to shield it with proper copper tape. Because of the slim profile body, you cannot upgrade the tremolo block (like this one) due to the fact the block will stick out of the back of the guitar. Note: Most of our older guitar parts lists, wiring diagrams and switching control function diagrams predate formatting which would allow us to make them available on this page as PDF files. Funny thing is, more and more adults are staring to see the tremendous value in this instrument, and how darn fun it … Shop Fender guitars, basses, amplifiers, audio equipment, accessories, apparel and more. Price: US $225.00. If they fit too tightly, the easiest way to make them fit is by filing down the inner plastic using an emery board (the thing you use to file your fingernails with.). If I was doing this mod on a guitar with three traditional single coil pickups, I would put the RWRP pickup in the neck position. Standard Stratocaster wiring for Fender, … Typical standard Fender Stratocaster guitar wiring with master volume plus 1 neck tone control and one middle pickup tone control. You also have to remember that if the screw holes don't line up, that's a very common issue that even happens on regular Fender Strats. Discussion in ' ... Last year the world pretty much fell out from under my feet and I had to sell all my guitars. Once I got the polarity right on the single coils , which was only a … If a guitar’s neck is loose in its pocket, it will be less effective … Easy Squier Bullet Strat mods. Take out the old tuner buttons, put some wood filler in the holes, let that set, then thread in your new tuner buttons. Fender Strat, Epiphone Les Paul, Randy Rhodes Jackson, and a Gibson SG. All it takes is soldering in a 1-inch wire. If the stain isn't dark enough, repeat the stain as many times as necessary until you get the look you want. Fender Mus cal Instruments Corp. 8860 East Chaparral Rd. With a bit of set-up work, they can be made to play decently, and it's hard to argue with the price. Vm jaguar bass special wiring squier talk forum diagram deluxe full version hd quality molinaengineering laure westphal psychologue fr vintage modified taskdiagram accademia archi it v 5 string talkbass com schematicelectricllcca capital risque jazz question active system hum and no clue help 009 1272 000 kit fender reverb humandiagram arkis vanndiagram bistrotdescapucins 1965 … Advertisement. If you polish over the urethane, yes this does work but you'll have to re-stain every once in a while to keep the color. Really easy. The maple portion of the neck is urethane coated. Replacing the string saddles. Slim profile body. And as our wiring mods show, it’s also ripe for reinvention. I've talked about Strat mods before but I figured it was time to talk about mods for this very specific guitar.

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