While most children know that they have to say good-bye to their parents one day, it doesn’t make the loss any easier or less painful. Though it was a show about doctors, more importantly, it was a story about people. INDAH BANGET. He sees the best in everyone, even Maggot. Looking forward to how this story develops. And GyulWoo told MinHa that she had never been kissed before. Menyajikan cerita keseharian tentang para dokter, drama ini punya nuansa yang menyenangkan dan berbeda dengan drama-drama Korea lainnya. IkJun was so sure that they must have some feelings for each other because he too, have been there and have feelings for SongHwa. In her office, Song-hwa tells Jung-won that she agrees with his decision before he even tells her. It is that sense of 'realness' framed in humanity that makes it a masterpiece. It is valid to assume that GW has never dated, if we go with the kiss-before-Christmas conversation with Minha and the nurse. I liked the ending, sorry ... Credit: @/bluemingdaisy on twitter And what a … In fact, we soon saw how lovable and sympathetic she was. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; "Isn't there anything that's going to be hard for Dr Jang these days?" So I tell myself that I will not ship anyone here. Min-ha offers to make up some excuse to tell the people waiting, but Seok-hyung says that there’s no need. When Seok-hyung joins them, Ik-joon scolds him for asking a resident to help with his research, but his friend looks at him confused. I just gave up using a tissue. He can still pray the Rosary, and if his faith is really strong he will actually try to share it with Gyu-wool. In any case Gyul-wool's confession took a lot of courage. Drama: Hospital Playlist (English title) /Wise Doctor Life (literal title) Revised romanization: Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal Hangul: 슬기로운 의사생활 Director: Shin Won-Ho Writer: Lee Woo-Jung Network: tvN Episodes: 12 Air Date: Thursday, 21:00 Airing: March 12, 2020 -- Streaming Sources: Netflix Starring: Cho Jung-Seok Kim,Dae-Myung,Jung Kyoung-Ho, Yoo Yeon-Seok and Jeon Mi-Do Jeong Won remains the most closed off out of the fab 5, but I am hoping we will get some insight into his thought process next season.I am now even more worried about those bouts of headaches he seem to be getting but have faith HP won't go the trope route! This show was like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. Chapter ini aku persembahkan untuk The Lacking Five, maaf banget kalau banyak typo karena aku belum sempet cek ulang! I liked that there are many things to be explored. What has she been in? I'm also confused why BTS shows so little about them. His biggest fault is his indecisiveness, yet being a doctor requires making important decisions every moment. Maybe we'll see some of those instances in Season 2. Same goes with Jun-wan and Ik-sun, do we know when exactly Jun-wan fall for Ik-sun? I couldn't figure out the timeline but saw someone in twitter who did just that. I was always looking forward to the performances of the band every episode and I will miss these characters a lot. I might be wrong and sound a bit delusional but this new finding is logical to me and I cannot ignore it. In a time of unrest and great injustice in the world, Hospital Playlist offered a moment of comfort. But as others pointed out, it feels like what SH wants is someone gently and accepting like JWon. Your final comments echo a lot of what i thought of this show. / This series starts from episode 7 with flashbacks to previous episodes, giving different angles of the same events from Gyeoul (Winter), Jeongwon (Garden) and a third person (Winter Garden) POV. Hospital Specialist is so special to me. Though Seon-bin is the resident in charge, Chi-hong steps in and answers the patient’s question—even covering for his colleague so Song-hwa won’t misunderstand. Therefore he keeps repressed his feelings. I'm a little late to comment but here are some of my thoughts and observations (on IJ-CH-SH): In the early scenes when IkJun spoke to ChiHong about IkSun, IkJun was so sure that his sister and ChiHong have the potential to become more than just good friends even though ChiHong has tried a few times to convince him that they were just friends. Me encantaron las personalidades de lis cinco médicos especualmente IkJun, bello, sencible, inteligente, lider, divertido. @wapzy, Follow. I hope we get to see how Jeong-won came to that decision next season. Saw it in ep10 that she seems to treat him differently, more special, than the other guys which reminded me of DukSeon's way to Taek that made me go in the DS-Taek ship early in the Reply1988 episodes. He wonders when her crush started, and she stares at him blankly, as if it should be obvious. This drama made me feel all sorts of emotions and its mostly happy things. He asks if he’s going to the airport tomorrow to see Ik-soon off, and Ik-joon wonders how he knew about his sister’s departure date. The scene goes back to Joon-wan looking through Jung-won’s desk, and his usual drawer filled with rosaries and a Bible is now empty. I thought it was pretty telling of IkJun's personal feelings for SongHwa. Sama seperti drama-drama yang dibikin Shin PD sebelumnya, karakter-karakter Hospital Playlist dibuat dengan … They've been superbly portraying their character. Doctors are humans, too, and like every other profession, failures are inevitable when people are starting out. As he stares at the shoes, he thinks back on his memories with her from his confession to the day he noticed her worn shoes. Once the family leaves, Ik-joon swivels around and throws a pop question at Hong-do. Outside, all the expectant mothers hold onto their stomachs—each of them aware of the tragedy that just transpired. As for Jung-won, Min-ha was right when she said he would have come if he loved her, since Jung-won did go to the emergency room after hearing about Gyu-wool’s illness, but he wasn’t able to go inside. Our main characters are also in their 40s, so their mature and more laidback take in life was refreshing. Pffft. Unfortunately, not everyone hears good news today as Song-hwa tells her patient that his cancer relapsed. The little girl hugs Jung-won, and the mom explains how he was in their thoughts during the holidays. I'm still glad I caught up otherwise I would've missed a good slice of life drama (yes that's how I'll see it). But sometimes, he was a little bit too much invasive in the life of the poor Gyeo-Wool. Pemeran dari kelima karakter utama dokter yaitu Cho Jung-Seok, Kim Dae-Myung, Jung Kyoung-Ho, Yoo Yeon-Seok dan Jeon Mi-Do. I also dreaded that headache thing.. Jae-hak tells him to ask her directly because she has the answer. Amé esta serie, ligera y divertida. Is it possible that they are already married and can then pursue priesthood? I too think that we will see many more flashbacks in Series 2! For Dr. Jang Gyeoul of Hospital Playlist. During that time, they would have met many people and formed many relationships, and they’re at an age where old memories alone are not enough to live each day with passion. Love problems seem to be in the air as Joon-wan stares at his couple rings before calling Ik-soon. Hmm. The officer hands him a gift, hoping the resident might make an exception just this once. It's where your interests connect you with your people. He pats her head and then moves in for a kiss. And the rest of the interview, he said he’s careful how to portray love around 40-year-olds. Apakah Nonton Drama Korea Hospital Playlist (2020) Untuk saat ini kayaknya sayang aja drama ini nggak ditonton guys. If we go with the storyline and the real life, she's in her mid to late 20s and has just studied for most of her life. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. As he leaves, he receives a call from Shin-hye, his ex-wife. I initially found it difficult to keep up with the story due to the numerous amount of scenes and characters in each episode. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Looking forward to Season 2! It was just a dream and I believe you have nailed precisely the reason why he held on to that dream. Haha. However, just as much as Hong-do, Yoon-bok is grieving, and I’m glad Song-hwa was there to comfort her. He can keep both his love for God and his love for Gyu-Wool. I was in a yes no situation like seok hyung, felt I messed up like junwon. Another thing i'm thankful for is HP introducing me to some great songs. Darn this PD and his devious flashbacks. I know we have been told by Shin PD that we are gonna have an open ending, but I little bit dissapointed because I still don't know what's on Song-hwa's mind until now. She asks if he could stay at the hospital and remain at her side. Unfollow. It’s an unfortunate situation, but the wife promises to maintain her health and come back in a year to donate. I see it the same way as you did. -The most touching scene was the pregnant lady loosing her kid and the other expectant mother's reactions. See more ideas about playlist, hospital, korean drama. Hospital Playlist (tvN, 2020)Jeongwon x Gyeoul ““What do you like about Jeong-won so much?” “Everything.” ” Rummaging through their desks, Ik-joon steals chocolates from Joon-wan, but when he opens Jung-won’s drawer, he only finds a Bible and rosaries. Probably will end up being my favorite characters of the year, especially Song-hwa. I do not think that Gyu-wool was not a part of Jung-won's decision. :). DS didn't care so much about her friendships going awkward once she dates either SunWoo or JH, but she did care a lot when it came to Taek. Hospital Playlist UJUHOLIC ... i want her (gyeoul) to be happy with my friend jeong won. We know this writer always gives us small details to show where she wants the story to end. Reading your recap makes me crying all over again. I read a theory that the nurse who pointed out to Dr Bae that JW agrees to anyone who asks him to treat them (which means the dinner they had, even if it's just the 2 of them is nothing special) did so for GW. Hospital Playlist: Episode 4 by lovepark. Of all the possible romantic pairings the show set up, it was Gyu-wool and Jung-won that was confirmed at the end. Christmas arrives, and Joon-wan looks for nail clippers in his office. They were all tired and irritated with the long wait(rightfully so) and caught up in the difficulties of 'right now' but that mother's wails brought home the fraility of life and they all shed silent tears in solidarity to the mom while also feeling grateful for the continuing heartbeats in their tummies.I love how this team can tell stories in a few frames that many shows fail to do in a whole season. Some dramas could not even do it in 16 episodes!. The rings didn't signify marriage; those were "couple's rings", which in Korea simply indicate that their relationship is stable. Watch till end haha. Hearing the father cry in the background, unable to say a word, while the mother held back her tears to talk to her son was heart wrenching because it’s never easy to say good-bye, especially when it’s unexpected. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { The song today is “Me to You, You to Me” and each friend sings a verse, though Song-hwa’s voice cracks as she sings. I just think the major part was his being a doctor. Episode terakhir itu akan menutup rangkaian petualangan kisah para dokter di rumah sakit Yulje ini. He texts back, “sorry” and writes out “Merry Christmas” before erasing it. Before he leaves, Ik-joon spins in his seat and tells his friend that Min-ha likes him. Just that little hint to show that Taek is the one she likes and that was probably what prompted Taek to move in for the kiss. If Ik-jun and Song-hwa is indeed soon to be an established couple, may I say they are the main couple? Oh iya, sebelum introduction dan review reviewnya, aku mau ngasih satu trivia aja sih. He reads the note from Song-hwa, which includes three pieces of advice for him on how to be a better doctor. The show leaves its viewers with some satisfying answers, but with another season in the works, don’t expect all to be revealed quite yet. Jung-won goes out to explain the patient’s condition to them and promises to stay nearby until the worst is over. While I would have liked a bit more insight into Jung-won’s mind, I liked the way the show played out their confession and affirmation. She was happy to be away from the hectic scenes of the hospital for awhile. When she dumped SYeong, he didn't drink with his best friend JWon, but with Ijun. It is Jun-wan who is keeping such a cardiothoracic surgeon calm. And though we've seen him get roaring drunk, and he smokes, etc, I can't imagine he has a relaxed attitude toward love/sex in that he might have kissing experience in casual flings or drunken makeouts. I still saw SH as a character not bound by the love line so I'm keen to see what season 2 and 3 has to offer. Tetapi jelang episode terakhirnya, sejumlah pertanyaan masih belum terjawabkan. it was very convincing and i didn't sense the "conflict" he was supposedly experiencing... i thought it had to do with his leaving his profession as a pediatrician, rather than any attraction to Gyu Wool.... i wasn't buying the kiss(es)... and that disappointed me. As always, thanks to @lovepark for your insightful recap and all other beanies sharing their thoughts - although shipwar could be annoying. hospital playlist wise doctor life jung kyung ho jung moon sung kdrama kdramaedit gif tv: hospital playlist when junwan does the baby voice about his surgery to jaehak lmao these two dumbs also open to any gif requests if anyone wants any scene made Seeing how JW keeps a lot to himself, especially his emotions, brought me to identify him as an introvert. Im Anin and this is my blog for Korean Drama, K-pop, Kstyle. Let's get ahead of ourselves! So I tell myself that I WILL NOT SHIP. Premiere Watch: Memorist, Hospital Playlist, Kingdom 2, Smart Doctor Living releases new teaser featuring main cast, Answer Me team returns with slice-of-life drama Smart Doctor Living. And he’s (IJ) the one to call her GyeoUl-ah (multiple times) … unlike Andrea who keeps it totally professional, addressing her as Dr Jang. Ik-joon and Song-hwa pop into Seok-hyung’s office to ask if he wants dinner, and they immediately notice his glum expression. He sees the best in everyone, even Maggot. So with this writer / PD team, we really need to hunt for the tiniest hint. For Dr. Jang Gyeoul of Hospital Playlist. Sign in with Facebook. (Now personally speaking I found the whole roadblock to the priesthood story line rather strange. I loved this show a lot, even if not the format. Song-hwa doesn’t know what to say, and Ik-joon tells her to take her time. Gyeo Wool also did not ask him to stay because his mother asked...she asked for herself. the main couples already fixed from the start..especially ikjun-songhwa and wintergarden if you watch back there were so many hints since the beginning..i love that even their romance is slice of life, every couple has their own problem but they completing each other...it's not like typical kdramas romance imo, My comment is late but I just wanted to say how much I love this show. *Ik-Joon: JJS has done it again. I was in tears. She was rally hurt before by this to hurt someone in the same way. I was a little worried. If yes, I have this feeling their problem will be solved in season 3, unfortunatelly. I've been eagerly waiting for your recap. Why are they doing this in seasons? He was too much "perfect", he gave him all his money, he always was nice, his religion, etc. He realized what his absence could mean. So, yes, they are both very inexperienced people. The writers and PD and their attention to details.. Love it! Oh that helps a lot. Song-hwa gulps down a cup of raw eggs since she has a line in this next song, and the others (minus Ik-joon) copy Song-hwa’s vocal warm-ups. Before Joon-wan can protest, he receives a call about an emergency patient. Justru dirinya yang salah. *Missed seeing my fave nurse, but I spied Kim Soo Jin in atleast 2 other dramas this week, so yayy.. (a year of waiting though, gah!). *The seniors were also missed but atleast Ro-sa will have a reason to throw a rager with Jong Su now that her dearest wish looks to be coming true!SeokHyeong's omma can slay in another classy ensemble while poor hospital director would be stuck being the maknae but at-least he doesn't need to shut down their pediatric wing. Squealing and screaming together at all the floof and tear-jerkers. This. Ik-joon cuts the line to take Song-hwa out to lunch, but she waves aside her friend since Jae-hak is next. Soalnya pemain intinya aja udah lima. I love his relationship with his son (who was super cute). He told Song-hwa about his crush on Seon-bin, and uses this moment to indirectly confess his feelings. This "husband guessing" from fans that revolves around Song-hwa makes her look only as a grand prize. Captainjoongki:. When I began to watch the drama I thought of JunWan as her love interest, just look at them eating! *So WinterGarden unexpectedly bloomed! Actually, were we shown what Jung-won answered to Ik-joon when asked about his feelings for Gyeo-Wool? Kudos to this team.. She offers to schedule a surgery, but the patient wants to think about it first. I thought the 1 ep/week was frustrating but the time in between made me appreciate each character from our main five to the nurses, residents and patients. It's a beautiful sca. One moment I think IkJun may have liked Song Hwa and likewise (in Ep 1-3), but quickly dismissed it when Seokhyung admitted to liking her before + the introduction of ChiHong + SH's loveline. Belum lagi dokter - dokter residennya masing masing bidang. Then there's Joon wan and Ik Sun. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. And then they can laugh it off because they're both adults, yay. Josh’s friend from Korean Englishman is an ordained minister from the Church of England- aka the Anglican Church. Good point!!! @kimanna You’re probably right. Well it is their loss.) This show had heart!! Your thoughtful analysis and all the beanie's thoughts definitely multiplied my appreciation and enjoyment on this one. After he hangs up, he stares at the ring on his finger. But anyway, again, I love this show, and hoping the next season brings all the best out of it, see you fab 5! He really grew up as a person during all this season. Much respect by the way to the actors for playing their respective instruments. Reblog. When Jeongwon rejected Gyeoul request for dinner, I kinda predicted he would but I'm not sure wheter he did it bcoz he's afraid of his feeling or bcoz he didn't want to give her hope. (Still much prefer if they would've just continued...) Love this gang. He only said ikJun likes SongHwa. Reality is in fact, situation number 1, but GW is still over the moon by this outcome. Ya, ada kabar kalo Hospital Playlist ini bakal ada 3 season dan dirilis setiap satu tahun sekali alias aku udah lulus kuliah aja drama ini belum tamat. Shipping aside, though, the one character among the five leads that I have absolutely loved is JKH's Junwan. Everything happened to fast before his eyes, he can see Gyeoul's smiling widely, and he … Filled with heart-wrenching moments as well as gut-busting scenes, it’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. @lovepark's review makes me kind of understand the choice to not show JW's process, because he doesn't know himself, but this last episode felt very much like "telling, not showing". Be you. But the show, this was so genuine and beautiful. Salah satunya, kisah cinta antara dokter Bedah Anak Ahn Jung Won dan dokter residen Bedah Umum, Jang Gyeo Wool. And then that chocopie scene happened . "Isn't there anything that's going to be hard for Dr Jang these days?" She stops mid-meal and runs out of the room without even the slightest hesitation. absolutely love how hospital playlist didn’t give gyeoul a big “cinderella esque makeover” scene or a huge personality change and have jeongwon go all heart eyes for her after that. Can we really believe that JW is so smooth at making out like that when we know he's never had a romantic relationship before? It’s been 20 years since they were in their twenties. Jung-won seems almost as relieved as the parents to see his emergency patient improve, and the parents watch him with appreciation as he treats their daughter with love and care. Ik-joon is over the moon after hearing his son’s adorable poem, but it turns out, Woo-joo ends all his poems with “bye-bye” regardless of the last syllable. However, a simple reminder that we’re all flawed humans can be enough to show someone with no hope that beauty still exists. Had it not been you, I don't think I would have tried a single episode of this show. She was only told to be "confused". I'd have definitely liked more consistent development for these two. I guess that was one of the reasons I hopped in late in the HP train because I couldn't pinpoint what the drama was really about... so I delayed watching it. }; And how apt it is for IJ to appear at her healing place and respectfully told SH about his plan to confess. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Until then, stay healthy and happy watching. . Couldn't have put it more nicely. It was the exactly right thing for him to do once he knew that she would be OK. That scene outside the ER was really great, it showed how much Jeong Won was struggling with his feelings. Ik Sun didn't like such presents... And if I remember correctly, wasn't really thinking of marriage. *Jun Wan: My only exposure to JKH before this was the excellent HanTaeJoo in LOM. I feel HP is closest to R88 cos there is no clear male lead and second lead. Song-hwa seems to put the pieces together, and wipes away Yoon-bok’s tears, telling her that her mom would be so proud of her. -The lady who finally looks to be having a safe pregnancy. He closes his eyes, as if mentally preparing himself, and answers. FB.init({ It was interesting because all the women waiting to see Seok Hyung realized exactly what was happening without being told, except for that fool husband. Though the other characters seem to think he’s an open book, I thought Jung-won and his feelings for Gyu-wool were opaque on the whole. Always. The pregnant lady is clearly agitated (which is reasonable since the hospital scheduling system is flawed), but the nurse remains kind and helpful—her professionalism defusing the tension just a bit. Instead of seeing every interaction as romantic, we watched these two characters grow as mentor and mentee. I cried with Jung won when receiving confession, like gyu wool when confessing. How could he not be affected by the monumental effort it took for her to admit her feelings to him, and to respond in kind, seriously and emphatically. For Dr. Jang Gyeoul of Hospital Playlist. Heh. Awaiting Season 2 in anticipation! Show, I know you are not forever but the parting still feels painful.

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