Here's our guide on how to trek the Grey Glacier hike, how to get to the trailhead from Puerto Natales, where to stay before the trek, what to pack and other useful tips which will help you to enjoy your best day in Torres del Paine National Park. We carried on along almost flat path for a while, and at this time the strong wind started to pick up and did not stop for the entire day, which made the hike even more challenging. It was simply awesome and to view and hold some of the broken small icebergs of the glacier from up close in the lake was memorable. When staying here overnight, you do not need to rush to complete the trek plus you can start much earlier than other one-day trekkers arriving from Puerto Natales. © LaidBackTrip 2018-2020. If you are planning to do Glacier Grey as a day trip, you must be in the 11am catamaran. Ice hike is approximately 5 hours (incl. Bigfoot Patagonia is the only company that holds the concession to undertake tours on glacier grey, that means you are alone with your group (min. Grey Glacial Lagoon - Patagonia - Chile. It was literally and figuratively cool. Fantastic boat ride out to view the Glacier - highly recommend! Here the glacier guides will have an introductory chat, and explain the route, the time the tour will take and also test the equipment, and adjust it correctly for each passenger. Certainly would very highly recommend viewing the Grey Glacier to any tourist. CLP$ 70.000 . The drive to Laguna Amarga takes approximately an hour and a half. WHAT TO PACK FOR ONE-DAY HIKE TO GREY GLACIER Backpack for Him & for Her | To make your trip as comfortable as possible, carry a quality backpack with back support... Fleece Jacket for Him & for Her | The region of Patagonia is extremely cold even in … It’s rated hard (with some moderate sections) and has an elevation gain of 573 m/1880 ft. Track log/map of our Grey Glacier Hike The Grey Glacier Day Hike- Our Experience Hiking to … There are several other options of viewing the grey glacier … Fleece Jacket for Him & for Her | The region of Patagonia is extremely cold even in summer, so bring along fleece jacket or any additional layer with long sleeves not to feel cold. It is the point where you should check what is the time and how much energy you have left because you can either continue or decide to return. It pays off to travel to the national park more than once because of the high cost. An unforgettable panorama: Glacier Grey Ice Hike Live the unique experience of walking on the ice of the Grey Glacier. Hotel Lago Grey & Villa Río Serrano Shuttle . on arrival, we will disembark on the … The warm … Truly this was yet again another place full, Viewed Grey Glacier from a distance during a moderate hike within Torres Del Paine National Park. Refugio Paine Grande | Hikers trekking multi-day W or O Trek need to book either Refugio or campground well in advance, but it is possible that you'll be able to secure your spot for only one night as cancellations occur. The color is beautiful. However, this day would start with a real treat. It was not close enough to be awed by it, compared to being ON it, but it was a neat place to visit as we got to walk to an area on the … Trip Description. When we descended, the trail again continued up and down until we emerged in front of a Refugio where travelers with a reservation can either sleep in a hut or in the campground. 2 pers. But, as we walked along the shore of Lago Grey, it looked pretty damn huge to us, feeding into the opposite end of the lake. For around $90 per person, you can ride in a boat right up to the edge of the Grey Glacier. Hotel Lago Grey | If you want to spend an exceptional night by the lake in Torres del Paine National Park with outstanding views, there is an option to reserve a room in Hotel Lago Grey which is quite luxurious accommodation on the lake's shore. We have great news for everyone who either cannot or doesn't want to hike in Torres del Paine National Park for a couple of days or for all of you, who same as us did not secure spots for the overly popular trek on time. The good news is that the trek is very scenic, and you can walk as far as you want, for example to the place called Mirador Grey from where you also get splendid views and then you can turn back any time you want. This was another reason why we were in such a hurry on the way back and tried to catch the earlier ferry, as we skipped the morning visit of Salto Grande, and still wanted to see it. After that you ha, A beautiful place to visit. The round trip ticket costs anything between CLP 10 000 - 15 000. Visit the Paine Towers & Grey Glacier; Hike the Ascencio and French Valleys; Discovered by Magellan, Patagonia is variously known as the ‘Land of the Tempest’ and the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’. We've also written an in-depth Patagonia packing list about what to pack when planning on traveling to Patagonia and what to leave behind. Alternatively, search for your accommodation via Hostelworld. You will leave Puerto Natales at 7 AM and arrive back around 9 PM. Although it should not happen that all spaces are sold out, bus companies usually add buses depending on a number of travelers, so when you won't reserve your seat, they will not count with you. Grey Glacier, like others in southern Patagonia, loses ice from its terminus as it enters the water, a process known as calving. To get back from Pudeto to either Laguna Amarga or Puerto Natales, you need to follow your morning steps in reverse. Grey Glacier. ICE HIKE GREY GLACIER . Always make sure that the driver waits here for the last boat so you won't miss your ride to Puerto Natales. Largo Grey, Glacier Hike. Puerto Natales: We based ourselves in Puerto Natales, from where we took two one-day trips to the park, and we think it was at the end cheaper and perfectly doable. We paid 150.000 Pesos for 2. There is a 6-Day Scenic W Trek version of this world's famous trek that includes also trail along the Grey Glacier. Enter Torres del Paine National Park to hike alongside the lake before visiting some 6,000-year-old cave drawings. You may also be interested in. The trail is primarily used for hiking. You don't get out of the bus here unless you need to pay the entrance fee or your driver tells you to change the bus. The drive from Laguna Amarga with waiting for people who needed to buy a ticket took approximately another 45 minutes. CLP$ 66.000. If you take the last ferry back to Pudeto and you didn't visit Salto Grande in the morning, you won't have time to visit this stunning waterfall in the afternoon. The Grey Glacier is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, and at its peak is 30 metres high, and around six kilometres wide. Here are five essentials you should pack with you for one-day Grey Glacier hike. Show more. Although it's entirely possible to visit Grey Glacier independently and follow our steps, you might want to consider a different approach. If you are intrigued about Patagonia and the fascinating Torres del Paine NP's scenery, you might be as well considering the whole W Trek. Jump on a boat leaving 5 PM or 6 PM from Guarderia Paine Grande, and in Pudeto there should be already waiting bus scheduled for 6 PM. It was simply awesome and to view and hold some of the broken small icebergs of the glacier from up close in the lake was memorable. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We took half an hour break for lunch with the perfect views, and later had to run on the way back to be at the port on time. The Grey Glacier which covers an astounding area of 100 sq. Book now. Mid-range | Yaganhouse | Harriet from Swoop recently returned from Torres del Paine where she spent an afternoon ice hiking on Glacier Grey. Waterproof Jacket for Him & for Her | Wind in Patagonia is so strong, especially during summer hiking season, that you must pack a quality waterproof and windproof jacket otherwise the day could be quite miserable. From Puerto Natales, you need to take a regular everyday bus to Torres del Paine. Book the ice hike at 1 pm and take the last boat back to Lago Grey in the afternoon at 8 pm. See the gem-toned, blue waters of Lake Sarmiento under the shadow the Paine mountain range during this full-day, guided hike that includes gaiters, hiking poles, and lunch. From here we had less than one kilometer left to get to the viewpoint right in front Glacier Grey. All rights reserved. miles is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, one of … Here in Pudeto, you need to wait for a boat which will take you across Pehoe Lake to the Grey Glacier trailhead. Our Tip: If you do not want to be dependant on public transport, you can rent a car in Punta Arenas (when traveling by air to Chilean Patagonia, this is where you land), and explore Torres del Paine on own. Then do the kayaking on the grey lake and ice trekking. 8:00 Meet at local base near Refugio Grey Try on the gear (crampons, ice axes…) and walk for one hour to Islatak Island. In this case, you can explore Grey Glacier on a boat tour. JONOS wrote a review May 2020. Rubber boat transfer, walking onto the island called islatak to access the ice the safest way) departs daily at 8:00 / 14:30. Length 5.0 mi Elevation gain 967 ft Route type Out & Back Glaciar Grey Hike One of the shorter hikes of the W trek in Patagonia is to Lago Grey to see the famous Glaciar Grey. There had been a lot of calving the night before and we were awarded with the deepest blues I have seen on a glacier. Bunk beds or camping spots must be booked via company owning the site Vertice Patagonia. We had a hike up behind over two suspension bridges that took us a to. There are several other options of viewing the. After we got by boat back to Pudeto, we had some time before the bus departure, so we decided to go to Mirador Salto Grande. The trail goes through the western side of the Paine Massif with views to Grey Lake and Mountains. As you can see, it seems that 5 PM catamaran is the last one you can take in order to catch the bus (that's why we were so in a hurry during this trek), but apparently, this bus waits also for the last boat arriving at Pudeto around 6:30 PM. Backpack for Him & for Her | To make your trip as comfortable as possible, carry a quality backpack with back support and waist strap. Viewed Grey Glacier from a distance during a moderate hike within Torres Del Paine National Park. The boat schedule differs depending on the season, but you will most likely catch the transport across Pehoe Lake from Pudeto at 11 AM, which means you will start your hike around 11:30 AM when leaving Puerto Natales at 7 AM. It would be the only trail we would do a round-trip on. Calving produces large free-floating chunks of ice; some floating ice is visible near the central glacier lobe in the upper image. Aletsch Glacier. It is a long and challenging day, but perfectly doable. Grey Glacier Hike in Torres Del Paine Getting from Pudeto Wharf to Refugio Paine Grande. Grey Glacier Kayak . Glacier Grey was a part of my Wtrek tour. Next departure with available spots: October 04 Harriet thinks this is a great activity and everyone should add it onto a trek in Torres del Paine! We were told how lucky we were as it was a sunny day which happens only occasionally. Valais, Switzerland. At 270 square km, Grey Glacier is one of the smallest in the region. All reviews boat ride suspension bridge torres del paine global warming lago grey day hike national park punta arenas chilli lake glacier ice weather wind perito pisco mirador blues shore hosteria glimpse iii. You must to be in very good shape, the 1 hour hike to reach the glacier grey is challenging, if you have any physical problem like bad knees, please consider the option that this is not the right excursion for you. You have three options on where to stay before or after hiking to Grey Glacier. Which is quite challenging because the trek's profile goes up and down all the time, and the path is incredibly windy. It’s about 1 hour 30 drive to the Grey Lake Hotel. The tour starts with an interpretive walk through historic Kennicott and then onto a two-mile trail to the glacier, … How could I think like that? The first quarter of this hike is about 5km and ascends gradually at first but then... Refugio Grey. With this ticket, you can hike any multi-day trek within the park, or you can visit the park on three consecutive days from Puerto Natales. Horseback Riding Cerro Paine . A one-day hike to Grey Glacier was challenging but also our favorite trek in Torres del Paine, an amazingly picturesque national park in Chile's Patagonia. The hike to Glacier Grey starts from Paine Grande Lodge and “finishes” just beyond Grey Glacier Station. The views were stunning, especially when we could see small icebergs floating on the surface. The tour begins at grey glacier base camp, located on the northeast coast of lago gray. The activity is made in one end of the W Circuit of the Torres del Paine. Visitors can see Glacier Grey in one of two ways - from the comfort of the Lago Grey ferry which takes you all around the lake and in front of the glacier, or on the ice itself with a guided tour. Show more. Salto Grande is a powerful waterfall set against a backdrop of wonderful pointy mountains, and definitely worth the visit. The first stop is Laguna Amarga, from where most of the park's visitors walk to the most famous sight in Torres del Paine, the Towers. From here, the trail went quite steeply down which was welcoming at that moment, but we knew that we would need to climb the same hill on the way back which was not a very pleasant thought. Definitely to this trip though. You will buy the roundtrip ticket on the boat for CLP 30 000. Strap on crampons and explore the otherworldly surface of the Root Glacier on this icy trek! Many travelers who had the opportunity to hike one of the most famous multi-day treks in Patagonia, the W Trek, often say that seeing Grey Glacier was one of the highlights along the way. The Grey Glacier as seen on the W trek route We went there with an SUV from Punta Arenas and then from Puerto Natales. Rain Poncho | It can start raining any time of the year in Patagonia's mountains, and rain poncho will protect you and your valuables as well. Details. From the parking lot, it was another two kilometers to the waterfall uphill and then two kilometers downhill, so we think it is better to go see the glacier first in the morning and then you can decide if you still have enough energy and time before the bus leaves. After 1 hour and a half you will reach the first lookout point, where you may observe Grey Glacier in the distance, then and after 1 and a half / two hours you will get to the Main lookout, in front of the glacier. World Nomads Travel Insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers, to cover your trip essentials. Just because this is one of the few glaciers in the world … Icebergs in Grey Glacial Lagoon (Lago Grey) near the Gray Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile. grey glacier including boat navigation. This activity is carried out from October to April in 2 schedules leaving the Refugio Grey. Then do the kayaking on the grey lake and ice trekking. 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From Refugio Paine Grande, it's about 4.5 km through a glacial valley before you reach the edge of the lake, where you board a small … Once reaching the highest part of this Torres del Paine hiking trail, you will be able to take in the scenery of Lake Grey and the Grey Glacier. Then, we go in a zodiac boat for 15 minutes until we reach the west side of the grey glacier. 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The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking. WE OFFER: Ice hike in Torres del Paine on top of Glacier Grey, operated from the base near to Refugio Grey.For this activity reservations in advance are required. The ice hike lasts 5 hours and there are departures in the morning and afternoon from November until March. While I got to hike the Grey glacier during my trek in Patagonia in 2015 (see here for that story), on this glacier boat tour we took a different approach: we got off the boat and drove to the opposite shore from the glacier. Bandana | Bandana is a great little thing you can use against dust, wind and sun. Information on times as well as duration is shown below. The first section of the trek climbed steadily but not steeply up, and when we reached the edge, we saw the beautiful Lake Grey for the very first time. Grey Glacier is in Torres del Paine National Park, and no matter if you plan on staying in Puerto Natales and travel forth and back every day or if you are going to stay in one of the few lodges within the park, you need to get to the park anyway. As the group was too big to go as one onto the glacier, the group was split into two groups. Put on the crampons and start hiking on ice for around 2.5 hours into Glacier Grey End at local base near Refugio Grey You will have 2 hours before Grey … We never leave our home without travel insurance which is designed to help cover your expenses if something goes wrong on your trip. When we got there we snapped some pictures, had lunch with a couple from the US we had been meeting on and off along the trail, and then had to quickly set off on a journey back. Yes, you can take a boat tour which will take you to the glacier, but we loved the raw beauty of Patagonia so much that we wanted to spend even more time walking along the lakes with floating icebergs and admiring the untouched nature. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Ice hike in patagonie, location: Largo Grey, torres del Paine, chile. Show more. Since you will arrive 2 hours before the activity, you can do the hike to the Glacier Grey lookout or the hanging bridge. It is a phenominal pa... We had seen a number of Glaciers up close and personal but having prepaid for this cruise we … In order to buy the entrance fee, you need to wait in a line for approximately 30 minutes, fill out several forms and show your passport (it is enough to have a copy or a printscreen in you phone). CLP$ 45.000. It would include a Grey Glacier hike! The Grey Glacier day hike is approximately 23 km round trip and takes about 7- 8 hours to complete. Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers Navigation . The Grey Glacier is one of Torres del Paine's most spectacular glaciers, and tumbles into the serene Lago Grey. It is a phenominal pa, We had seen a number of Glaciers up close and personal but having prepaid for this cruise we decided to go along for the ride. If you prefer to be up close and personal with the ice, kayak around Grey Lake and look up to see the towering glacier above. The last catamaran from Paine Grande Lodge is at 6:35pm and the final bus leaves Pudeto after this last catamaran arrives. See it from the view point on the W trek from Paine Grande Refugio en route to Refugio Grey. Read our travel guide on how to get to the hike's trailhead from Puerto Natales, where to stay, what to pack and tips on how to best enjoy the hike to Grey Glacier without trekking the multi-day W Trek. One of the highlights of the Park for us was seeing and hiking Glacier Grey, one of the regions smallest glaciers at 270 square kilometers and receding rapidly each year. more, Browse our largest collection of experiences. Around Lake Grey we have views of electric blue icebergs and the magnificent Grey glacier. Good morning from Refugio Grey. You need to bring with you water, snacks (there are a restaurant and cafeteria at Pudeto where the bus stops in case you are hungry), and extra layers of clothes because weather in Patagonia is unpredictable. There are several bus companies operating on the same schedule, so we think it doesn't matter what company will you choose, only make sure you'll buy a ticket at the bus station one day before departure to ensure there will be a spot available. Fortunately, it is possible to see Gray Glacier on a one-day trip from Puerto Natales. Perfect Patagonia Itinerary: From One Week to One Month11 Best One-Day Hikes in PatagoniaVisiting Marble Caves in Puerto Rio TranquiloLaguna Cerro Castillo: A One Day Hike in Chilean Patagonia You Can't MissA Comprehensive Road Trip Guide to Carretera Austral in Patagonia, ChileExplore Hanging Glacier at Queulat National Park, ChileEl Chalten: The Hiking Capital of ArgentinaUltimate Guide to Visiting Perito Moreno GlacierUshuaia: Top Things to Do at the End of the World. Our final chance at a boat ride to Glacier Grey is cancelled. We only walked to the second draw bridge but you could already a pretty close up view of this. Peer into glacial ponds or deep blue holes (moulins), take in vast and open landscape, or follow the creeks on the surface of the glacier into their turquoise slot canyons. Paine Grande to Grey Glacier is a 13.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Torres del Paine, Magallanes, Chile that features a lake and is rated as difficult. CLP$ 99.000. Luxury | Hotel Simple Patagonia. Trekking on the W Trek There is also a good lookout spot near Refugio Grey. Definitely worth the trip WE loved it, the view et cetera. Go see it even if you have already been to Petit Moreno. Check out the up-to-date schedules, but usually, the buses leave Puerto Natales at 7 AM, 8 AM and then at 2:30 PM. First, we must tell you that if you plan on hiking in one day from Guarderia Paine Grande (it is where the boat will drop you off) to Guarderia Glaciar Grey (the closest viewpoint of the glacier), you need to walk 22 kilometers in either 5.5 hours (in case like us you want to catch the boat at 5 PM), or in 6.5 hours (when you want to risk to travel with the last boat leaving for Pudeto at 6 PM). The observed retreat means that ice loss has been greater than ice replenishment. Grey Glacier is a retreating glacier in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, and although we hope it won't melt anytime soon, you better hurry to see it. The W Trek on Torres del … The entrance fee we paid at Laguna Amarga's office (you can buy the ticket in advance in Puerto Natales on the bus station) for Torres del Paine is pretty steep, CLP 21 000 per person. Take in wildlife and birds moving in the wide-open space and enjoy your boxed lunch near the glacier-fed Paine Cascade. It is situated almost at the extreme southern tip of South America, just to the north of Cape Horn. The second stop is Pudeto, and it is the place where you need to get off. The Torres Del Paine Catamaran service leaves from the small wharf at... Grey Glacier – Midway Lookout. We've handpicked three hotels in Puerto Natales for every budget: Budget | Casa de Familia Puerto Natales | Glacier Grey is an incredible, vibrant blue glacier, which in summer you can even take a boat right up to and get a closer look. Our guides will introduce us to kayaking equipment and provide a safety talk for our paddle through the floating Icebergs of Lake Grey. Glacier Grey, Puerto Natales: Address, Phone Number, Glacier Grey Reviews: 4.5/5 Amazing photo opportunities, comfortable boat. See it from the view point on the W trek from Paine Grande Refugio en route to Refugio Grey. Be ready that the hike to Grey Glacier all together with transport from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park will take you all day. Approximately after six kilometers, we got to the Mirador Grey, from where is yet another rewarding view of the glacier in the distance. We hike to the Northeast coast of Lake Grey from where our adventure really starts! Spectacular ice hike over the Grey Glacier, with a view of the Grey Lake. There you get your tickets. ... We did the boat tour of the Grey Glacier and was so glad we did! a massive glacial melt. Mirador Grey Glacier is a 5 mile out and back trail located near Torres del Paine, Magallanes, Chile that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Details.

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