Sleeping slightly in a way that one hears what people around him talking does not break wudu. When the iqaamah would be given they would wake up and then pray without making a fresh wudu’. 3. Touching urine or any kind of Najas doesn't invalidate wudu. 8-dunno,(but do wudu to be on the safe side) when u should do wudu: like "um zekiya " mentioned ,but if u went to the bathroom then u should wash ur private part then do wudu. See al-Sharh al-Mumti’ by Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (1/166). It does not matter whether he sleeps lying on his side, on his back, face down or leaning on his elbow. Wudu is only broken by specific things—such as the exiting of filth, flowing blood or pus, sleeping lying down, . 2-The fact that the person remains pure is proven by shar’i evidence, and what is proven by shar’i evidence cannot be overruled except with further shar’i evidence. "To sleep lying down or by resting the body against something break the wudu." Assalamu alaikum No laying down or sitting does not break your wudhu if you are not getting sleep There are some reasons which could break your wudhu among others are :sleeping,farting,urinating, ,having sex and vomitting intentionally. Certain conditions break a Wudu, some of which are: Sleeping or taking a nap, Going to the bathroom (to urinate or … Edit: WHAT INVALIDATES A WUDU? The sahabah were people of work and when they came to the masjid, they would sleep sitting down while waiting for prayer. 4. Does it break his wudu’? If a person falls when the thing that he leans on by sleeping is drawn, his wudu is invalidated since he fell asleep. 0 0. 1-The basic principle is that it does not break wudoo’. What happens if the muslim sleeps? 1 0. sleep by lying down on one's back,side, or by leaning on the elbow or on something.if done does not fall down when the thing on which one leans is taken away suddenly,one's ablution is not broken..sleeping on a bare animal does not break ablution. 6-nothing,unless u got exited and ejaculate . Sleep is also considered to be one of the things that break Wudu although some scholars say that this is only if you are in a reclining rather than sitting position. Those who claim otherwise must produce evidence. 3 opinions: – all types of sleep break wudu’. This means that if you fall asleep in a sitting position this would not invalidate your Wudu but if you are lying down then it may do so. 5-wudu no need to wash ur private unless u went to the loo. No, neither looking at one’s nakedness (awra)—such as one’s private parts—nor looking at its reflection break wudu. 2. Break wudu during prayer. If clots of blood come out of the nose while blowing it, Wudhu will not break. Yeah, that does break your Wudu. Is it compulsory to do wudu in a sitting position or it is fine if one does wudu while standing ? Wudhu will only break if the blood is in the fluid state. x-THINGS THAT BREAK YOUR WUDHU-x-Natural Discharge (passage of urine or stool)-Passage of wind-Bleeding heavily-Falling unconcious-Falling asleep lying down-Laughing loudly in Salaah (this also breaks your Salaah)-Vomiting in mouthfuls-Insanity. If a pimple has to burst in the eye, then the Wudhu will only break if the fluid (that comes out of the pimple) flows out of the eye. ... do not cut your wudu and do something else then come back to complete, do it all at once. Wudhu will only break if the impurity flows out of the wound or sore.

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